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Reasons to protect post-divorce interests before getting married

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | marital agreements

While most people do not plan to divorce before they even marry, it could be prudent to consider this possibility. Through a prenuptial agreement, one can protect his or her post-divorce interests before getting married. Creating this type of document does not mean that a California spouse assumes that a divorce is inevitable, but it simply means that one wants to reduce the chance of conflict and financial loss in the future.

Benefits of a prenuptial agreement

A prenup can provide protection and benefits for a spouse, regardless of income or wealth. Each person will have specific reasons unique to his or her individual situation that determine why a prenuptial agreement is useful, but some of the most important reasons to consider this type of contract include the following:

  • It protects individually owned assets from before the marriage.
  • It can protect earnings and sources of income from property owned before marriage.
  • It allows a spouse to protect his or her retirement assets.
  • It provides protection for inherited assets that one spouse receives during marriage.
  • It allows spouses to outline specifics regarding alimony after a potential divorce.

While a spouse may never need the prenup, having this document may provide a sense of security for one preparing to walk down the aisle.

What should be in a prenup?

Each prenup will be specific to the individual needs of the California couple and details of their specific situation. It will be beneficial to speak about the terms of a prenup with an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer can explain how this type of contract allows one to protect his or her post-divorce interests.