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Divorce: Financial conflict continues to be a major issue

There may be a variety of circumstances in which couples in California and elsewhere may encounter disagreements over the course of a marriage. However, arguments over finances continue to be one of the most common sources of strain in a relationship. Studies also indicate that similar concerns also continue to be one of the leading causes of divorce and that the financial issues a couple may experience could come in a variety of shapes and forms.

According to studies, one of the most common issues couples may encounter during a marriage could pertain to having opposing stances on financial goals. Studies indicate that differences of opinion on monetary goals can place a heavy strain on a relationship. Experts also suggest that issues with debt can also take a toll on a marriage, as can the stress that comes with dealing with substantial monetary obligations.

Knowing the issues that may arise after a divorce is finalized

When facing the end of a marriage, many individuals in California and elsewhere have concerns about how the process will affect their lives. With a variety of difficult decisions to make and multiple crucial aspects to address, a person may feel that placing a fair amount of focus on preparing for legal proceedings is imperative. However, studies indicate that those facing a divorce could also benefit from gaining an understanding of what to expect once the process is finalized.

Studies indicate that a person may experience a variety of changes following a divorce and knowing the challenges that may arise could be key to being caught off-guard by the unexpected. One potential issue that may prove vital to address pertains to the changes a person may see during future tax seasons. This might not be the only financial change to prepare for, as studies also indicate that understanding the possible ramifications of moving away from a two-person income could also be a key component to preparing for the future.

Mid-life divorce concerns and the financial impact for women

If you are facing a mid-life divorce, you and your spouse may have significant assets to divide; for example, the marital home, vacation properties, vehicles, investments and retirement accounts.

Surely you can still expect to have a secure financial future—or can you? Here are points to bear in mind as you contemplate life after divorce.

Keeping emotions in check during a divorce

It may come as little surprise that dissolving a marriage can be a stressful and daunting process. Those who are facing a divorce may have concerns that they might have trouble remaining calm and they may worry their behavior could have an impact on the outcome of their situation. However, this might not always be the case and there are steps individuals in California can take that could help them keep emotions in check and make informed choices during legal proceedings.

Experts indicate that one way to help prepare for a similar process could be to evaluate the history of the relationship. This step could help a person identify issues that could increase the chances of an emotional response. A look at the past could help one better understand what might trigger such behavior, which may help a person prepare to stay calm during a potentially stressful circumstance in life.

Tactics that may only further complicate matters during a divorce

It is no secret that dissolving a marriage can be a stressful and daunting process. With a variety of aspects to address, each of which could have a significant impact on one's future, divorce can also be a complex process. Experts indicate that there are also certain tactics individuals in California may encounter during a divorce and understanding these strategies and the impact they could have on the situation could prove imperative.

After deciding to take separate paths in life, one might enter the process of divorce with hopes of reaching an amicable and acceptable outcome within a timely manner. However, there are a variety of tactics the other party might deploy in an attempt to prolong the process. Experts indicate that in some cases, a person may attempt to subject the other party to additional amounts of stress by continually altering the details or terms of a settlement.

Divorce: Exploring the possible benefits of mediation

While dissolving a marriage can be stressful and emotional, the process doesn't always necessarily have to come down to an all out battle. There are options that could assist individuals in California in pursuing a favorable outcome while also reducing the level of stress involved. Those who are facing a divorce could find it helpful to explore the potential benefits of options such as mediation.

With mediation, the parties involved in the process will come together with a mediator and attempt to reach an acceptable and amicable settlement agreement through negotiation. The length of a similar process may vary and will likely depend on each party's ability to cooperate and communicate their wishes and needs. In some cases, this process might eliminate the need to appear in court and studies indicate that those who are successful in reaching an agreement through mediation find the process less stressful.

Divorce: Managing the financial responsibilities of co-parenting

Disagreement over finances is one of the most common sources of conflict between couples in California and across the nation. Following a divorce, many individuals may wish to take immediate action to untangle their finances from their former spouse and open a new chapter in life. However, when children are involved, parents may find it essential to find ways to limit the level of conflict involved with managing the financial responsibilities of shared parenting.

Experts indicate that one vital factor for parents to address pertains to finding a way to communicate. Establishing a consistent means of communication could prove vital to reducing the amount of stress involved with speaking to the other party about financial responsibilities and decisions. During such a discussion, experts suggest that addressing topics such as possible future changes to budgets and expenses could also be advisable.

Seeking guidance on parenting after a divorce

When parents in California and across the nation decide to take separate paths in life, they may consider it vital to take every possible measure to protect the well-being of their kids in the process. Divorce can affect children in various ways and the manner in which their parents handle what comes next could influence their ability to cope with the process. While there may be a variety of aspects for parents to consider, studies show that there are four major components to helping the kids adjust to their new situation.

Studies indicate that the first component to parenting after divorce pertains to ensuring the kids are able to spend ample time with each parent. Children who are able to spend time with both their parents might have less difficulty handling the transition into two separate households. Another component pertains to the distance between each household, as the closer the proximity of each household, the easier it may be to provide the kids with a sense of stability.

Do you need a forensic accountant on your divorce team?

While just about anyone working his or her way through a California divorce could potentially benefit from adding a forensic accountant to his or her divorce team, high-income individuals may find it especially beneficial to do so. If you fall into this category, you may find that hiring a forensic accountant can help you work through any number of matters relating to your split. Also, hiring such a professional to work on your behalf could potentially help you wind up in a better financial position post-split.

So, just what is a forensic accountant, and how can hiring one potentially help you amid your divorce?

Divorce: Considering every aspect of pursuing ownership of a home

Upon making the decision to end a marriage, many couples in California and across the nation may be left with the difficult choice of what to do with the family home. In many cases, a home may consist of a significant portion of a couple's wealth and, as such, will likely play a vital role during negotiations. Those who are considering pursuing ownership of the home might find it helpful to address certain aspects before reaching a decision, as this could help them make informed choices during legal proceedings.

When it comes to the family home, one of the first aspects to address could pertain to how much value is in the home. Determining the net value of a home can be a complex process that may involve steps such as seeking an appraisal and subtracting any existing liens from the home's value. Understanding the true value of the home could prove essential and this knowledge may influence the choices one makes during divorce proceedings substantially.

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