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January 2018 Archives

Considering the major financial aspects of divorce

Joining the world of singledom after years of marriage can be a scary prospect. Life situations change with separation or divorce, and a couple's financial world is not shielded from those changes either. California couples who have decided to separate for a couple months or who are formally ending their marriages might do well to consider doing a few things to safeguard their individual financial interests.

Actor Ewan McGregor files for divorce

When celebrities split up, most people don't usually even bat an eye because these splits are so commonplace today. But when a long-time married couple are going separate ways and the celebrity half files for divorce as in the case of actor Ewan McGregor and his wife of more than two decades, many fans are a little stunned by the news. California resident McGregor filed for divorce from his estranged wife, Eve Mavrakis, after allegedly beginning a romance with actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead with whom he stars in the television show, Fargo and with whom he recently attended the Golden Globe Awards. 

Surviving a gray divorce in California

Gray seems to be the color associated with many marital rifts these days. More and more long-time married couples in California are making the decision to divorce, and those figures are increasing each year. It may be an especially painful experience not only for the couples themselves, but for their extended family members as well.

California Millennials taking to prenuptial agreements

When a couple exchange their wedding vows, the world is rosy, and the last thing on their minds is splitting up. However, somewhere down the road, things may change. Many forward-thinking young California residents -- or millennials -- are doing some what-if planning and going into marriage with prenuptial agreements in place.

Losing child custody case allegedly compelled man to plan attack

The family of a man who apparently plotted a terrorist attack in San Francisco claims the despondency he felt over losing custody of his children compelled him in his actions. The 26-year-old never expressed any violent thoughts, his family members say. The California tow truck driver, who was embroiled in a child custody case, began studying Islam about a year ago, but his father said he never showed any indication of violence.

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