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Losing child custody case allegedly compelled man to plan attack

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2018 | child custody and support

The family of a man who apparently plotted a terrorist attack in San Francisco claims the despondency he felt over losing custody of his children compelled him in his actions. The 26-year-old never expressed any violent thoughts, his family members say. The California tow truck driver, who was embroiled in a child custody case, began studying Islam about a year ago, but his father said he never showed any indication of violence.

The FBI levied charges against the man after they say they uncovered information that he was planning a suicide attack at a San Francisco tourist attraction on Christmas Day. The FBI said the former Marine liked and even loved pro-terrorism posts on a popular social media site. Authorities also allege that the accused told an undercover FBI employee about his plans. Authorities also seized firearms from the man’s residence.

Apparently, the accused had been consumed with and suicidal over losing custody of his children. But even the charges came as a surprise to the man’s employer, who called the accusations stunning. Child custody cases can be drawn out and embittered, leaving one parent even more angry should he or she lose the custody battle.

Individuals involved in child custody cases need the help of a lawyer experienced in family law. A California lawyer will be able to help his or her client in pursuing custody and can guide a client in the court process. A compassionate lawyer understands the volatility of these cases and will work to do whatever he or she can to assist his or her client legally. A lawyer may also be able to help a client get further help by enlisting the assistance of other experts, such as family counsellors.

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