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Maintaining Financial Fairness

At Langlois Family Law, APC, our attorneys practice only family law, and this gives us an added edge to assist you with your spousal and child support issues. With our years of experience and commitment to continuing education, we have a continuously fresh view of the whole picture.

Calculations for spousal support, also referred to as alimony, are based on contributions and sacrifices made for the sake of the marriage and the family. Depending on your situation and the lifestyle you grew accustomed to during your marriage, spousal support can be a lump sum or it can be a set amount of money for a set amount of time.

Ordinarily, the court orders spousal support to get the spouse with more need back on his or her feet after the divorce. Spousal support can be made for the purpose of supporting the spouse in need to get an education to become an income earner, or if that is not possible, due to age or disability, the argument can be made for other spousal support.

Child Support Calculations

In California, both parents are expected to contribute support for their children. A court-ordered formula takes into consideration the incomes of both parents, number of children and any special needs children might have. The court ultimately determines child support based on the best interest of the child.

If the other parent is not paying court-ordered child support, we can help you get an enforcement order.

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We help our clients establish court-ordered child support. When paternity, or parentage, is legally established, the court can then issue a child support order. The amount of child support can then be modified at a later date if you or the other legal parent experiences a significant change in circumstances.

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