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Agreements That Establish Security

You may not need a lawyer to create a legally binding agreement before moving in with a partner or drafting your premarital or postmarital agreement in California. But you may miss the nuances of protecting your rights without consulting an attorney to review your agreement.

Work With A Certified Family Law Specialist

At Langlois Family Law, APC, our firm is led by a certified specialist in family law who hones in on the finer points of these types of agreements. If your spouse-to-be suddenly hands you a premarital agreement on your way down the aisle and you both sign it, it will not be legally enforceable if you did not have time to review it properly before actually signing it.

Did you sign it under duress or do parts of it violate public policy, such as a paragraph about never asking for child support or waiving your right to alimony?

Why Do We Need An Agreement If We Trust Each Other?

Cohabitation, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are generally created to clarify financial matters within the relationship and serve as a conflict avoidance tool for the future.

We can help you draft an agreement designed to clearly define matters such as:

  • Keeping separate property separate
  • Establishing a fair and workable financial arrangement during the relationship
  • Planning for termination of the relationship whether by death or separation
  • Avoiding the high costs that usually accompany termination of a relationship
  • Special provisions to meet individual circumstances

At Langlois Family Law, APC, in Calabasas, we have the experience and commitment to our clients to provide the highest-quality legal services. We prepare agreements in your best interest so you can avoid complex property division disagreements in the future.

We can defend, negotiate on your behalf and litigate your enforceable agreement in court. Email our office or call us at 818-225-9900 for a consultation.