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Reliable Asset Division

Family law attorney Joseph Langlois has helped clients reach optimal results in their high net worth divorce cases and can help you avoid costly mistakes in the asset divisions necessary in your divorce.

Any property purchased during your marriage is subject to the court’s decision on how to divide property, including:

  • Real property holdings and timeshares
  • Businesses
  • Cars, airplanes and boats
  • Bank accounts
  • Pension plans
  • Jewelry and art collections
  • Furniture
  • Horses, cats and dogs

Couples do not need an attorney to divide their property and debts. They may come to an agreement on their own, which the judge then signs into the divorce decree. However, asset division in California requires a meticulous valuation of each of your assets.

While this can be complex, Langlois Family Law, APC, has years of experience to draw from to provide a full scope of protection of your valuables during your divorce.

We Help You Protect Your Property Interests

California is a “community property state,” which means that each spouse owns 50 percent of the property bought during the marriage and that property is subject to equal division when the couple divorces.

Separate property is property that either spouse owned before the marriage or was purchased with separate cash such as from an inheritance or gift.

If there are rents or profits from a separate property, those profits remain separate property.

After your date of separation, all of the property, including wages earned, is considered separate property.

At Langlois Family Law, APC, we help you look to the source of the money used to purchase the property in question to determine if it is separate or community property.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO) apply to situations where one or both spouses acquired a pension during their marriage. Contributions to your pension during your marriage are considered community property. Pensions are usually a high-value asset with complex rules best addressed by a lawyer.

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