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Making Changes To A Settlement

Child support and child custody modifications can be made when you show the court that your circumstances have significantly changed since the time of your divorce or since the child custody or child support order was originally established.

The court will allow you to modify a court order based on a significant change in circumstances such as:

  • You moved out of state.
  • You involuntarily lost your job.
  • The other parent got a significantly higher-paying job.
  • The other parent is incarcerated.
  • Your child’s medical or other special needs changed.

You may complete your request for child support changes through the child support enforcement agency, through family court or by contacting our office in Calabasas for assistance.

At Langlois Family Law, APC, our California attorneys focus exclusively on family law, and we offer full or limited-scope representation to meet your child support and child custody modification needs.

Do You Need To Change Your Parenting Plan?

When parents agree to changes in a child custody and visitation order, they may seek a modification to the court order using the family court’s application and forms.

If you cannot come to an agreement with the other parent, you may have to meet with a mediator before heading back into family court for your request to be granted.

Your co-parent may not be holding up his or her end of your agreement, and as a result, you may be unable to make the important decisions you need to make. Because you have joint custody, you can seek a modification of the order from the family court.

Just as in a child support modification, a child custody and visitation order can be modified upon a showing that given the change in circumstances, the new arrangement is in the best interest of the child.

Spousal Support Modifications

If you lost your job and want to modify an alimony agreement, you need to act right away. Spousal or partner support changes will not be granted retroactively, to the date of your job loss, for example.

Verbal agreements between you and your former spouse or partner will have to be in writing and signed by a judge to change an alimony obligation.

The judge will grant your modification only from the date of filing of your court papers seeking the change. The existing spousal or partner support amount and order will not be changed until the judge signs a new court order.

Act right away if your former spouse remarries. You can show that he or she no longer needs support or is capable of being self-supporting, but is not making an effort to do so.

We can help you protect yourself by assisting you with modifications to your spousal or partner support order. Call a lawyer at Langlois Family Law, APC, at 818-225-9900 or email us.