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Ending A Marriage

Divorce does not have to be a reversal of fortune. At Langlois Family Law, APC, we have extensive experience with high-profile divorces, including cases involving successful authors, record producers, screenwriters, former NFL players and other entertainment industry celebrities.

Our firm protects our clients’ best interests in all aspects of divorce and marriage dissolution. We provide unparalleled representation to resolve heated disputes ranging from the custody of the children to contentious property division arguments. Our recommendations often include mediation and settlement consultations.

If you and your spouse agree to the terms of your divorce, we can assist you in limited-scope divorce representation, if you wish to file your own divorce.

Our Seasoned Team Is Led By A Certified Family Law Specialist

Our seasoned legal team, led by family law specialist Joseph Langlois, has extensive experience negotiating on behalf of our clients’ rights, from mediation to aggressive litigation in court.

Attorney Langlois’ experience, his engagement in continuing education and his excellent references by other attorneys and judges have earned him recognition as a specialist in the field of family law in California.

He has often been interviewed by the media as a recognized authority on family law issues in the Los Angeles area.

The State Bar Board of Legal Specialization certification is an ongoing commitment to higher standards. Specialists are lawyers who have gone above and beyond the standard licensing in their field of law.

Asset And Debt Division In California Can Be Complicated

We find solutions in the fine details and help clients navigate splitting their debts and assets, which is often where stubborn disputes center in a marital dissolution. Assets that must be split include:

  • Businesses
  • Multiple real estate holdings
  • Retirement accounts
  • Intellectual property
  • High-value pets
  • Contemporary and antique art collections

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