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Surviving a gray divorce in California

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2018 | divorce

Gray seems to be the color associated with many marital rifts these days. More and more long-time married couples in California are making the decision to divorce, and those figures are increasing each year. It may be an especially painful experience not only for the couples themselves, but for their extended family members as well.

After going through the pain of loss often associated with making the decision to divorce, each individual might want to step back and look at the overall picture moving forward as singles. That could include dealing with the legal and financial realities of separation. But, if the couple is still uncertain about making the split final, they could look into a legal separation as an alternative.

In either case, things will still have to be sorted out. What will happen to the matrimonial home? The couple will need to establish lives apart from each other and that means establishing separate bank accounts. What about any debt incurred as a couple – how will that be taken care of? There are many questions that will need answers and asking for help may be a wise decision.

No couple ever anticipates divorce. But when two people are no longer on the same page and counseling hasn’t helped, it may be time for each person to seek legal advice on the issues pertaining to separating, whether making the split final or about a legal separation. California family law is involved and complex and no one needs to swim in those waters alone. A compassionate lawyer’s help may be the salve needed to help ease the legal fears a client in the throes of divorce or separation may have.

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