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California Millennials taking to prenuptial agreements

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2018 | marital agreements

When a couple exchange their wedding vows, the world is rosy, and the last thing on their minds is splitting up. However, somewhere down the road, things may change. Many forward-thinking young California residents — or millennials — are doing some what-if planning and going into marriage with prenuptial agreements in place.

More young couples seem to be planning for the unexpected, and experts believe it may be because they may have been exposed to divorce more often than generations before them. Couples are deciding to wait to get married these days as well, and the two people may be bringing more assets into the marriage since many will already have established careers by the time they tie the knot. They will understandably want to ensure those assets are protected if an unforeseen split should occur. Millennials marrying in their 30s may be thinking differently about conscious coupling than they would have in their 20s.

Many experts believe prenups are a wise idea for every couple, not just for the wealthy. Not only can they safeguard assets, they can also provide protection for the partner who is the most financially vulnerable. In essence, a prenuptial agreement is tailored to a couple’s individual circumstance. It is not a standard document, but it will coincide with a couple’s real life.

A California lawyer who is experienced in family law will be able to help clients fashion prenuptial agreements that will fit their particular dynamic. Most people will have questions regarding a document that can be complex. A lawyer would be able to provide appropriate advice for each client’s unique circumstance. 

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