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February 2018 Archives

Divorce in California and the Facebook factor

There probably isn't a household in America that hasn't been affected by social media in some fashion.  But when social media sites start creating havoc in a marriage -- so much so that they could lead to divorce -- perhaps a couple needs to re-evaluate the time each spends online and doing what, where and with whom.  Facebook seems to have been pegged as a big culprit, apparently causing 33 percent of divorces in the United States, including some of those in California.

How prenuptial agreements affect same-sex couples in California

Once same-sex couples received the green light to legally marry, some did so without forethought about the future. Some of these California couples tied the knot without thinking about having prenuptial agreements in place or knowing how having one would affect their marriages. Prenuptial agreements actually protect the couple, any children they may have and their assets.

Ensuring a divorce settlement is legally binding in California

When couples split up, there are usually things that need to be addressed and those things can be clearly stated in a settlement agreement. However, what does it take for a California divorce settlement to be legally binding? Are there, in fact, certain things that can render an agreement invalid? Certainly so.

California child custody: What is supervised visitation?

Children's best interests should always come first. That's how the State of California sees it, too. So, if a child's safety or well-being comes into question regarding a parent who does not have child custody, a judge may order supervised access when it comes to that parent visiting his or her child. In these cases, a neutral person is often required to be present during any visits between parent and child.  

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