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October 2017 Archives

Prenuptial agreements important for young California couples, too

Couples put more than just their hearts on the line when they decide to get married. Even those California couples who are young and not yet wealthy might do well to think about adding prenuptial agreements to their list of things to do before wedding planning. No couple likes to think of breaking up. But life has a way of throwing curve balls that not all couples can deflect. 

Can mental illness affect divorce in California?

Each year, one in four adults is diagnosed with some sort of mental illness. It's no wonder, then, that mental illness may play a part in the reasons a couple divorces. In fact, more than half of all divorces in the United States have mental illness affecting the divorce decision. California couples are no exception. A mental illness diagnosis may play a part in the outcome of the divorce as well.

California divorce on tap for Georgina Chapman, Harvey Weinstein

With all the accusations made against movie producer Harvey Weinstein recently, his wife Georgina Chapman has decided to end their 10-year marriage. Weinstein, 65, has been accused by many female stars of sexual abuse. Divorce for the California couple appears imminent.

Child support in California: Paternity testing upon refusal

There are times when the request for paternity testing is refused. Usually, it's the mother who is denying the request, but not always. There are times in California when paternity testing is necessary when it comes to child support issues. When talking, negotiating and mediation doesn't work, legal action may be necessary.

California divorce modifications: Settlements can be changed

The only constant in life is change. When a California couple finds themselves negotiating a divorce, settlements are usually fashioned using the couple's current circumstances. But life changes after divorce, and with those changes, modifications to any agreements might be wise.

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