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Prenuptial agreements important for young California couples, too

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2017 | marital agreements

Couples put more than just their hearts on the line when they decide to get married. Even those California couples who are young and not yet wealthy might do well to think about adding prenuptial agreements to their list of things to do before wedding planning. No couple likes to think of breaking up. But life has a way of throwing curve balls that not all couples can deflect. 

Prenuptial agreements open up the lines of communication for a couple. It forces them to talk about finances, debt, savings and all those things many couples in love don’t typically discuss. Many believe that a preuptial agreement could make a couple even stronger. 

One partner may be apprehensive about bringing up a prenuptial agreement in case it might offend his or her beloved. If broached positively it could prove to be beneficial to both parties. Talking about money and assets is something many couples find uncomfortable and unromantic. But doing so in a nonjudgmental environment will show a soon-to-be spouse a prenuptial agreement is not about his or her personal behaviour, but about a logical look at the financial picture of each individual entering into the marriage.

Prenuptial agreements don’t need to be fraught with anxiety, especially when each party uses a California attorney who has experience in fashioning these types of marital agreements. The age of the couple marrying or the value of each person’s assets should play no bearing on the prenuptial agreement. An attorney could fashion an agreement to each particular situation.

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