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December 2017 Archives

Some offbeat prenuptial agreements between celebrity couples

There is an old adage that says money makes the world go 'round. Most A-list celebrities believe that, including many who live in California at least part of the time. Rich and famous, it stands to reason that most of them want to protect their assets prior to getting married and so have prenuptial agreements fashioned. Some of these agreements are pretty explicit and often offbeat.

Divorce in California: When one spouse lies

When a married couple divorces, one party often has more to lose financially than the other. In California and elsewhere, some individuals have been less than honest when it comes to disclosing their assets in divorce proceedings, particularly when property division, child support and/or alimony issues loom. But lying in court could have devastating consequences, including the possibility of criminal charges.

Divorce modifications in California

Life circumstances are apt to change and chances are what was once fine in terms of a divorced couple's agreement may no longer be adequate. Then, there may be times when there are fraudulent things contained in an agreement or something that doesn't align with California or federal laws. That's where divorce modifications can come into play. 

The facts on same-sex divorce in California

At the same time an unprecedented Supreme Court ruling in 2015 made it necessary for all states to recognize gay marriage, it also did the same for same-sex spouses wishing to separate. When a same-sex couple wishes to divorce, all states must recognize that divorce, with certain stipulations. Prior to that ruling, however, those states that recognized gay marriage permitted non-resident gay couples to divorce in their states as well, including California.

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