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Divorce in California: When one spouse lies

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2017 | divorce

When a married couple divorces, one party often has more to lose financially than the other. In California and elsewhere, some individuals have been less than honest when it comes to disclosing their assets in divorce proceedings, particularly when property division, child support and/or alimony issues loom. But lying in court could have devastating consequences, including the possibility of criminal charges.

A spouse who believes his or her ex is telling lies — whether they’re big or small — should make a record of every instance where dishonesty is suspected, includes suspicions of adultery. The more complete the documentation, the more likely the court will look favorably on the spouse on the receiving end of the alleged lies. Some common lies told in divorce cases include the minimizing the value of assets, false accusations of infidelity regarding a spouse and misrepresentations regarding contributions to household expenses. False claims about the mental health of the other spouse or lies that the spouse withdrew funds from a joint bank account are also common.

Lies having to do with children are especially disturbing. In such cases it is important to gather information such as school records, teacher reports, therapy records, birth certificates, medical records and the like. The accusing spouse should remain calm, act professionally and would do well to act alongside experienced legal counsel.

A California lawyer can help protect the rights of a client throughout divorce proceedings. The attorney will work to ensure any divorce settlement is not based on lies, inaccuracies or misrepresentations. When it’s apparent that an adversary is attempting to perpetrate a fraud on the court, the lawyer will know what steps to take to set matters right, including a request for the imposition of sanctions against the dishonest party.

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