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Some offbeat prenuptial agreements between celebrity couples

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2017 | marital agreements

There is an old adage that says money makes the world go ’round. Most A-list celebrities believe that, including many who live in California at least part of the time. Rich and famous, it stands to reason that most of them want to protect their assets prior to getting married and so have prenuptial agreements fashioned. Some of these agreements are pretty explicit and often offbeat.

For instance, Beyoncé and Jay Z’s agreement apparently has a clause in it that says Jay Z is to pay Beyoncé $5 million for each child they have. In addition he is to fork over $1 million each year they’re married up to the 15-year mark. Since the couple has been married more than two years, the clause that stipulated Jay Z would have to pay his wife $10 million if the marriage ended prior to two years is no longer valid.

Lifestyle clauses are becoming more popular in the prenups of the rich and famous. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s prenuptial agreement states he must pay her $500,000 of his $230 million fortune if he is ever caught with his hand in the cookie jar — aka, cheating. In similar fashion, the prenup of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas also contains a lifestyle agreement that says Douglas owes his wife money if he cheats and that she gets $2.8 million each year she stays married to him.

Prenuptial agreements aren’t only for the rich and famous, however. More and more couples are coming together and marrying already having amassed their own assets, which they may want to protect. A California lawyer experienced in family law would be able to offer guidance as to how these agreements can actually enhance a marriage and protect the client as well.

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