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‘The rich are not like the rest of us’

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2017 | property division

The above quote appears in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. He meant that people of means, people with above-average assets, are exempt from the suffering other people experience.

But the saying is not true. People of wealth from business, the entertainment and sports worlds, and from distinguished families have problems in marriage and relationships just like everyone.

Divorce is divorce

In divorce, everyone is a little lost, whether they are rich or poor. In fact, people of means may have a more challenging time than others. Marriage is not like a business merger, and a split-up is not like a spin-off. Most people want privacy to work through their feelings at a time like this — not a story in the gossip pages.

A family law specialist takes steps to keep personal family business confidential. No one wants their kids to bear the brunt of a public split. No one wants to face a barrage of photographers on their way to court. No one wants the details of their divorce spelled out in newspapers and magazines. No one wants to see their attorney talking to the press to attract future business.

Avoiding the spotlight

A good attorney will work with individuals seeking a divorce without the publicity. This requires skill in both the technical side of complex financial matters and discretion in representing clients through difficult emotional times.

When possible, an agreement may be reached even before filing for the divorce. Meetings can be held offsite at a separate location, or at a home.

Careful family law attorneys will weigh every aspect of the divorce, paying close attention to valuations of assets, working when necessary with tax and securities professionals, appraisers, estate specialists, even forensic psychologists. Additional work with investigators to locate assets that are not included in discovery can also be helpful.

In addition to divorce, a family law specialist can assist with child support and custody matters, modifying decrees, and resolving disputes arising from prenuptial and nuptial agreements.