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California divorce modifications: Settlements can be changed

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2017 | modifications

The only constant in life is change. When a California couple finds themselves negotiating a divorce, settlements are usually fashioned using the couple’s current circumstances. But life changes after divorce, and with those changes, modifications to any agreements might be wise.

If there are children from the marriage, perhaps conditions outlined in any agreement regarding them have become passé. Children grow up and needs change. Original agreements regarding their needs may need adapting. Changes could occur, too, with the individuals who used to be a couple and perhaps one or both has remarried. Maybe jobs have changed or have been lost, creating different economic circumstances.

There are various issues that may merit the modification of a divorce agreement. When one party is seeking changes to a divorce agreement, the other person should be notified as soon as possible. Changes could affect day-to-day life, particularly when they involve the kids. A parent who is looking to have an agreement modified when it comes to child support, visitation time or custody will have to file the proper documents with the court. Time is of the essence since the issue may not appear on a court docket for months after a motion has been filed.

California residents facing these issues are well-advised to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in family law. Formal modifications to any divorce or separation agreements could be necessary. If the parties agree to the changes, updated documents will need to be filed and approved in court. If the parties do not agree, a judge will decide the issues for them.

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