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Child support in California: Paternity testing upon refusal

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2017 | child custody and support

There are times when the request for paternity testing is refused. Usually, it’s the mother who is denying the request, but not always. There are times in California when paternity testing is necessary when it comes to child support issues. When talking, negotiating and mediation doesn’t work, legal action may be necessary.

Telling the mother why the paternity test is being requested may help her understand. It’s not always just about money. Fathers may want to establish bonds with their children as well as providing financial assistance for the child should the child be his. On the other hand, financial assistance may already be a part of the equation, and if the man is paying child support, he may want to ensure the child is his biologically. 

If the mother still refuses to have paternity testing done, legal action may be necessary. A court may order testing to be done to establish support, custody rights or visitation. A paternity test will be able to prove fatherhood even when a man’s name is on the child’s birth certificate. 

A man has rights either way — if he is or if he is not the biological father of a child. In these cases, a lawyer’s help may prove invaluable. A California attorney can provide his client with guidance should a paternity test show he is the father and has to provide child support. If his client is not the father, an attorney will help a client file a disestablishment of paternity or termination of child support obligation document. An attorney can also help his female client who wishes to establish paternity of her child by using the proper legal means.

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