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Financial fraud during a divorce and its long-term implications

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2022 | divorce

The end of the marriage is a complicated process that involves the division of marital property and other complex financial considerations. Because of the difficulty often associated with the end of a marriage, a California spouse will want to be cautious and careful when navigating any matter related to the final property division settlement. This is why it could be helpful to be able to recognize the signs of financial fraud during a divorce. 

What is financial fraud? 

In an effort to shield their financial interests and keep as much marital property as possible, one spouse may commit financial fraud. This may include hiding assets or refusing to disclose important financial information. Signs that this could be happening before or during divorce include: 

  • A spouse makes secretive transactions and refuses to explain them. 
  • The other party is acting secretively or very controlling over financial matters. 
  • One spouse has a history of lying about money. 
  • A spouse tends to splurge or spend money extravagantly. 

These are only a few warning signs of a potential problem. If a California spouse suspects there is intentional deceit, he or she can take steps to protect his or her interests. 

Fighting for a fair outcome 

Each spouse has the right to fight for a reasonable property division order. If there is a suspicion or evidence of financial fraud at any point, there are ways to fight back and seek a fair share of all marital property. It is helpful to work with an attorney who has experience in complex property division concerns.