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Preparing to seek the right division of community property

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | divorce

During a divorce, one of the most common concerns California spouses have is related to how this choice will impact their long-term finances. Property division can be the most complex and confusing aspect of a divorce, and a spouse will want to pursue terms that make the most sense for his or her future interests. To accomplish this goal, it is beneficial to prepare ahead of time for the correct division of community property. 

Steps to take before divorce 

Preparing for a divorce may help a spouse avoid complications, seek reasonable terms and pursue the most beneficial outcome to his or her case. Some of the specific steps one may take ahead of time to get ready for this process include: 

  • Gather important financial documentation, including proof of income for both spouses. 
  • Take steps to close joint accounts, open new accounts and build credit individually. 
  • Organize finances, create a list of marital assets and create a post-divorce budget. 

These are simple steps that will allow one to fight for his or her best interests during a divorce by establishing priorities and property division goals ahead of time. 

Think long-term 

During a divorce, it is easy to allow temporary feelings to dictate how one proceeds through the process. Strong emotions are normal, yet they rarely indicate what is best long-term. For someone who is considering the potential that a divorce will have on his or her future financial stability, it may help to speak with an experienced California family law attorney regarding the appropriate division of community property.