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Prenuptial agreement plays role in reality star’s divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | marital agreements

Before marrying, a California couple may decide to enter into an agreement that would outline how they will divide their community property in the event of a divorce. A prenuptial agreement can reduce the need for litigation in case of a divorce, and it can ensure an appropriate division of marital assets. In the ongoing divorce proceedings of Joe Exotic, a reality star, a prenup could determine what happens to his assets and with his future financial obligations. 

Details of an ongoing divorce 

Dillon Passage, the estranged husband of Mr. Exotic, filed a prenup after Mr. Exotic filed for divorce. According to the details of the agreement, the two spouses will divide marital property that was earned over the course of their marriage. Property each brought into the marriage or purchased individually during the marriage will remain separate. Mr. Exotic claims he never signed the prenup. 

If both parties did not sign the agreement, it is not legally binding. Mr. Exotic is currently serving a lengthy sentence in federal prison, and he has a significant amount of debt. Legal representation for Mr. Exotic also claims that Mr. Passage has been selling off the reality star’s personal possessions since he went to prison. 

Complications with a prenup 

A divorce can become quite complicated when there are disputes over the terms of a prenuptial agreement, including claims that one party did not sign it. This can lead to a protracted legal battle over community property and other financial issues. When a California couple is drafting a prenup, it is beneficial for the couple to consider working with an experienced legal ally to avoid problems.