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High-earning women will benefit from a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | family law

There are certain steps that a California couple may benefit from considering before they walk down the aisle, and this includes planning for the possibility of a divorce. Even if it seems unromantic to discuss this topic before walking down the aisle, there are many reasons why this can be beneficial. It is especially important for women who are higher earners than their partners to consider why a prenuptial agreement can be useful. 

Avoiding mistakes with this step 

For women creating a prenup, there are a few things they will want to avoid as they are creating agreements that will provide them with the full amount of protection. It is helpful to avoid the following missteps: 

  • Failing to have legal support and guidance when drafting the prenup  
  • Pressuring the other party to sign the agreement 
  • Not giving the other party enough time to review the contract 
  • Keeping certain financial information a secret 

When done correctly, a woman will find that a prenup offers her the financial protection she needs to enter her marriage with confidence. A woman who earns significantly more than her partner will benefit from considering how to protect her long-term interests 

The right foundation  

Creating a prenup can provide many benefits for both parties, but it is important to create this document the right way. Working with an experienced California attorney can allow one to draft an agreement that will offer security for each spouse. A woman who earns more than her soon-to-be spouse will benefit from considering how she can protect her interests.