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When should a couple discuss a prenuptial agreement?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2021 | family law

The days and weeks leading up to a wedding are an exciting time for a California couple. In the flurry of preparations, couples may not consider why they may need to prepare for the possibility of a divorce in the future. It is often best to discuss a prenuptial agreement well in advance, even if it seems like an unpleasant topic. Presenting a prenup or surprising a spouse with this conversation just before a wedding can lead to resentment and post-wedding complications. 

A difficult subject 

Some couples avoid the conversation about a prenup because they feel that it’s unromantic or perhaps an indication that they are planning for the marriage to fail. If one partner believes a prenup is important for his or her financial interests, it is typically best to approach the subject beforehand. Simply presenting a contract shortly before the wedding may leave the other partner feeling blindsided. 

This abrupt approach can lead to resentment and lack of trust. For some couples, the discussion about a prenup can actually lead to a better understanding of each other. Waiting until the last minute can have the opposite effect for a California couple preparing to wed. 

Confidence in the future 

Having a prenuptial agreement does not mean the couple assumes they will divorce at some point. It simply means the two parties want to be prepared for certain contingencies that may arise, giving both partners confidence in their long-term financial security. To create an effective and strong prenuptial agreement, it will be important to work with an experienced family law attorney.