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How a social media post could affect the outcome of a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | divorce/marital dissolution

There are many individuals in California and across the nation who create multiple posts on social media outlets every day. Many may take to similar outlets to post pictures of a vacation or event to publish short stories on a recent life experience. However, there are a few scenarios in which using social media to provide updates on one’s life might not be advisable, and those going through a divorce could find it helpful to understand how a similar decision could impact their current situation.

Experts indicate that there are several ways in which a social media post could affect a person’s life. For instance, parents may find it advisable to avoid posting photos of an evening out on the town celebrating with family or friends, as other parties may attempt to use these as evidence during child custody negotiations. Taking to social media to speak ill of the other party during a divorce could also prove detrimental, as evidence of conflict could affect the outcome of the situation.

There may also be certain scenarios in which a post on social media might appear to conflict with one’s statements about his or her financial situation. Pictures of recent purchases or of a night out at an expensive restaurant could also be used as evidence during legal proceedings. In addition, social media posts about a new relationship could also have a substantial impact on what happens next and avoiding an unnecessary confrontation could prove essential.

While it may seem natural to want to share a major life experience with others, understanding how it might influence the situation could prove imperative. When facing a divorce, a person in California could find it beneficial to seek legal counsel early on for advice on actions to avoid while preparing for legal proceedings. An attorney can help a client better understand the possible ramifications of using social media during a divorce and assist him or her in preparing to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable concerning his or her future.