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Scenarios that may increase the chances a couple will divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2019 | divorce/marital dissolution

Deciding to dissolve a marriage can be stressful, but in some cases, it might also be the healthiest choice a couple in California can make. However, reaching the point where each person can be honest about what is best for the future can still be a challenging endeavor. While there are a variety of scenarios that could lead a couple to consider divorce, some tend to be more prevalent than others.

Studies suggest that one of the most common sources of conflict in a marriage pertains to a lack of commitment. While this may seem to go against the very concept of marriage, those who cannot commit to the relationship may be more likely to seek an exit. Other common concerns involve rushing into the partnership or marrying at an early age, both of which could also contribute to issues with commitment.

High levels of conflict and financial issues are two more issues that can disrupt a relationship, and in some cases, these two may go hand in hand. Studies also indicate that the onset of a major medical condition may also place a heavy burden on a couple and increase the chance that they will decide to part ways. Some of those who took part in a survey also cited lack of premarital counseling as an issue and stated that the process proved insufficient in preparing them for what comes next.

Regardless of what motivates a couple to decide to take separate paths, they may find it advisable to seek guidance on how to prepare for the subsequent process. A person in California could choose to speak with an attorney early on for advice in covering every crucial aspect of divorce. An attorney can address all a client’s concerns and assist him or her in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible concerning the future during divorce proceedings.