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Topics to address during child custody negotiations

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | child custody

When two parents in California decide to take separate paths in life, they might consider the well-being of their kids to be paramount. Those who are going through a divorce may wish to reach a child custody agreement that is centered around the needs of the kids. Since this could prove challenging during a potentially emotional process, parents may benefit from seeking guidance on the topics to address in a parenting plan prior to entering negotiations.

When it comes to negotiating a parenting plan, one of the first topics to address could be the everyday scheduling needs of all parties involved. This can include the work schedules of each parent and the school and extracurricular schedules for the children. Parents may also find it helpful to discuss how to handle major decisions such as the educational or medical needs of the kids, as this could help cut down on conflict in the future.

During negotiations, parents may also find it advisable to discuss how to handle special occasions such as holidays and vacations. As children age, their schedules may alter substantially, and working out a strategy to handle any changes in schedules could prove beneficial. Another topic parents may need to address could concern how to cover child-related expenses.

When going through the end of a marriage, many parents may wish to safeguard the needs of their children by negotiating an amicable and acceptable child custody agreement. With numerous factors to consider, a parent in California could find it beneficial to speak with a family law attorney for guidance on every aspect of divorce. An attorney can address a client’s concerns and assist him or her in pursuing a parenting plan that is in keeping with the needs of the children.