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California teachers may be able to help students through divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | divorce

Children spend hours every weekday in a classroom. So, it stands to reason that their teachers get to know them pretty well. Teachers in California have the capacity to help students whose parents are going through a divorce. Nothing makes a child feel like he or she is being heard and understood than by being able to talk to someone they respect and admire, and often, that person can be a teacher. 

Divorce is difficult on all those affected by it and sometimes children are affected even more than their parents. They can feel disillusioned and frightened about the future, especially if they are younger. Teachers very often pick up on the emotions of their students and when a teacher knows what’s happening in students’ home lives, he or she would be in a better position to help, so it’s wise when parents make teachers aware that their children may be expressing emotions that come from a divorce scenario.

Anything parents can share with their children’s teachers may help in the divorce process — things like custody arrangements and with whom the child will be with on what days. However, children thrive in a steady environment, and the one constant that they will likely have as their family dynamic changes is school and the same faces in their teachers. Anything a teacher can do to help a child feel safe and secure will help the child’s overall mental health.

A California lawyer may be able to help as well by providing parents with some family law tools that may be helpful in the divorce process. A compassionate attorney will ensure the best interests of his or her clients as well as their children. Enlisting the help of a lawyer make may the over divorce process less stressful for all those affected.

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