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Prenuptial agreement: Mary J. Blige sings spousal support blues

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2017 | marital agreements

Singer Mary J. Blige was recently court ordered to retroactively pay her ex-spouse, who was also her former manager, $30,000 a month temporary spousal support along with her ex’s legal fees. In the California singer’s case, she and her ex signed a prenuptial agreement two days before they got married. Her former husband claims he didn’t understand what he was signing and asked the judge to disregard it.

Each person in a couple who decides to have a prenuptial agreement would do well far before the wedding to have the document looked over by an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer will be able to walk his or her clients through the stipulations of the agreement. He or she will ensure everything is well understood before signing takes place.

In Mary J. Blige’s case, she was not only married to her ex but also in business with him. To a large part, she is the business. But when an entrepreneur gets married, the business dynamic may change and should be reflected in a prenuptial agreement, if there is one. Blige built her brand before getting married and before her ex became her manager.

Consulting with a California attorney experienced in family law — which encompasses prenuptial agreements — is a wise move for those intending on marrying and who want to protect their financial interests, especially in the case of entrepreneurship. A seasoned attorney will know what to include in a prenuptial agreement that will reflect the assets and lifestyle of his or her clients. An attorney will be able to explain all the areas in which the impact of a prenup may be felt in the event of separation or divorce.

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