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California grandparents can help grandchildren of divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2017 | divorce

Children are hit hard emotionally when they are told their parents are splitting up. They need some sense of normalcy in their lives, and the ones who might be able to give them that when their parents are facing divorce are their grandparents.  Divorce is not uncommon in California, but even so, it’s still never easy for children to handle.

A grandparent’s first job in helping their grandchildren is to stay in touch with their adult children going through the divorce. The time is past to try to fix the situation. By accepting what is, grandparents can help their grandchildren do the same in a positive way. As well, if children see that their grandparents aren’t taking sides even though they may feel angry or hurt, they may model that behavior. In fact, keeping a cordial relationship with their child’s ex is most likely one of the best ways grandparents can help their grandchildren through their parents’ divorce. 

Giving a child an environment away from tension and stress is yet another way grandparents can be of benefit to their grandchildren during a parental separation. It is likely the home environment has been emotionally volatile, and giving them some time away from the negativity will help their mental health. Talking with children in a positive way about the future no matter what the issues are in the present will help them to deal with their parents’ separation.

Getting the advice of a California lawyer experienced in family law will help family members deal with the realities of divorce. A lawyer may also be in the position to provide access to other people who may help, such as counselors. The more grandparents are aware of the legalities surrounding divorce, the better they may be able to help their grandchildren.

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