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Child custody in California: Can a private investigator help?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2017 | child custody and support

For whatever reasons, there are some parents who give up the right to either full or joint custody of their children in a divorce situation. Should a parent living in California have a change of heart regarding his or her child custody decision, he or she should act right away to try to have any court decision modified. If a parent can provide evidence that a child would benefit from a custody situation change, the court may consider that evidence, and this is where a private investigator may be able to help.

A judge will not look favorably on a parent who tries to obtain this information on his or her own. Having an unbiased, third party collect any evidence would be the best way of going about proving a case. A private investigator may be able to collect evidence that proves such things as a former spouse not picking up a child at an arranged time or not living up to visitation agreements.

If a non-custodial parent wants physical, legal custody of his or her children, a private investigator can do a number of things to help such as document court order violations. He or she can take note of work hours and schedules, find hidden sources of income, document concerns about child safety and other things that may sway a judge’s decision regarding child custody. If a parent who doesn’t have custody of his or her child sees things about his or her children that are worrying and would like to have issues substantiated, a call to a private investigator may be wise.

It is of the utmost importance that a non-custodial parent enlist a competent California attorney for this type of family law matter. Some parents give up their child custody rights to avoid arguments with their former spouses; however, some parents have changes of heart. An attorney will ensure all evidence submitted to a court is compelling and true for each individual case.

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