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Ensuring a divorce settlement is legally binding in California

When couples split up, there are usually things that need to be addressed and those things can be clearly stated in a settlement agreement. However, what does it take for a California divorce settlement to be legally binding? Are there, in fact, certain things that can render an agreement invalid? Certainly so.

Considering the major financial aspects of divorce

Joining the world of singledom after years of marriage can be a scary prospect. Life situations change with separation or divorce, and a couple's financial world is not shielded from those changes either. California couples who have decided to separate for a couple months or who are formally ending their marriages might do well to consider doing a few things to safeguard their individual financial interests.

Actor Ewan McGregor files for divorce

When celebrities split up, most people don't usually even bat an eye because these splits are so commonplace today. But when a long-time married couple are going separate ways and the celebrity half files for divorce as in the case of actor Ewan McGregor and his wife of more than two decades, many fans are a little stunned by the news. California resident McGregor filed for divorce from his estranged wife, Eve Mavrakis, after allegedly beginning a romance with actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead with whom he stars in the television show, Fargo and with whom he recently attended the Golden Globe Awards. 

Surviving a gray divorce in California

Gray seems to be the color associated with many marital rifts these days. More and more long-time married couples in California are making the decision to divorce, and those figures are increasing each year. It may be an especially painful experience not only for the couples themselves, but for their extended family members as well.

Divorce in California: When one spouse lies

When a married couple divorces, one party often has more to lose financially than the other. In California and elsewhere, some individuals have been less than honest when it comes to disclosing their assets in divorce proceedings, particularly when property division, child support and/or alimony issues loom. But lying in court could have devastating consequences, including the possibility of criminal charges.

The facts on same-sex divorce in California

At the same time an unprecedented Supreme Court ruling in 2015 made it necessary for all states to recognize gay marriage, it also did the same for same-sex spouses wishing to separate. When a same-sex couple wishes to divorce, all states must recognize that divorce, with certain stipulations. Prior to that ruling, however, those states that recognized gay marriage permitted non-resident gay couples to divorce in their states as well, including California.

Federal tax reform may change divorce in California

If a proposed Republican bill passes, divorce and taxes will take on a whole new meaning. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would make tax deductions for alimony payments non-existent and create an income tax free zone for those receiving the funds. The law would not affect current divorce situations, only the ones after Dec. 31, 2017, including those in California.

A parenting plan makes co-parenting easier after divorce

If there is one thing former spouses are likely to agree on, it's the well-being of their children. Divorce in California may divide a couple, but it doesn't have to split up the core family dynamic. A strong parenting plan could be the road map to successful co-parenting. Statistics show that when children's parents get along after divorce, children deal better with the changes that are happening in their lives.

California divorce: Jewish divorce differs from legal divorce

Apparently, a divorce is not a divorce when it comes to certain religious faiths. A legal divorce in California does not quite cut it for those who are Orthodox Jews. Family Code 2300 indicates that once a divorce has been granted, the former couple each return to unmarried status.

Can mental illness affect divorce in California?

Each year, one in four adults is diagnosed with some sort of mental illness. It's no wonder, then, that mental illness may play a part in the reasons a couple divorces. In fact, more than half of all divorces in the United States have mental illness affecting the divorce decision. California couples are no exception. A mental illness diagnosis may play a part in the outcome of the divorce as well.

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