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High-Profile Clients And Complex Marital Dissolution Cases

Splitting In The Spotlight

If you have significant assets or are a public or prominent figure, you likely have special considerations as you contemplate the prospect of divorce. You may have multiple properties, business interests, investments and other assets to consider. You may desire to keep your divorce out of the headlines or go extra lengths to shield your children from any negative publicity. If this is your situation, you need an attorney with experience working with cases like yours. At Langlois Family Law, APC, we provide committed representation while helping you navigate the complexities of your divorce.

Previous High-Profile Clients

Attorney Joseph Langlois has represented many noteworthy clients in complex divorce cases. Some of these include baseball greats Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield and Bret Saberhagen. He has also represented country music star Buck Owens and sports team owner/philanthropist John Moores. With his recognized experience representing such high-profile clients, attorney Langlois is often featured in the media commenting on high-profile celebrity divorces.

Why Mediation Is Preferable

Privacy can be a challenge for celebrity or other high-profile clients. For that reason, it’s best to start with mediation for these types of cases. Mediation helps keep the specifics of a high-profile divorce out of the media spotlight and can help the parties to the split maintain some control over the outcome of the settlement. If mediation does not yield satisfactory results, however, our firm is prepared to litigate your case in front of a judge.

Call For A Confidential Consultation

We understand there’s a lot at stake for high-profile clients who are getting divorced. We look forward to speaking with you about your situation and helping you through your legal challenges. To schedule your consultation, call our Calabasas firm at 818-225-9900 or send us an email.