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How prenuptial agreements affect same-sex couples in California

Once same-sex couples received the green light to legally marry, some did so without forethought about the future. Some of these California couples tied the knot without thinking about having prenuptial agreements in place or knowing how having one would affect their marriages. Prenuptial agreements actually protect the couple, any children they may have and their assets.

California Millennials taking to prenuptial agreements

When a couple exchange their wedding vows, the world is rosy, and the last thing on their minds is splitting up. However, somewhere down the road, things may change. Many forward-thinking young California residents -- or millennials -- are doing some what-if planning and going into marriage with prenuptial agreements in place.

Some offbeat prenuptial agreements between celebrity couples

There is an old adage that says money makes the world go 'round. Most A-list celebrities believe that, including many who live in California at least part of the time. Rich and famous, it stands to reason that most of them want to protect their assets prior to getting married and so have prenuptial agreements fashioned. Some of these agreements are pretty explicit and often offbeat.

Prenuptial agreements important for young California couples, too

Couples put more than just their hearts on the line when they decide to get married. Even those California couples who are young and not yet wealthy might do well to think about adding prenuptial agreements to their list of things to do before wedding planning. No couple likes to think of breaking up. But life has a way of throwing curve balls that not all couples can deflect. 

Prenuptial agreement: Mary J. Blige sings spousal support blues

Singer Mary J. Blige was recently court ordered to retroactively pay her ex-spouse, who was also her former manager, $30,000 a month temporary spousal support along with her ex's legal fees. In the California singer's case, she and her ex signed a prenuptial agreement two days before they got married. Her former husband claims he didn't understand what he was signing and asked the judge to disregard it.

4 tips for discussing a prenup with your soon-to-be spouse

If you are getting married, chances are you and your partner know just about everything about each other, from your pet peeves to your biggest secrets. However, that doesn't necessarily make it easier to discuss subjects like a prenuptial agreement.

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